Is Dog Breeding for Profit Humane?

by Stacey Ennis Betters

Will Dog Breeding ever be licensed? I question this as I turn down the long driveway at a friends house and hear the barking and whimpering of the rottweilers that are left in a fenced back yard, but are not able to enjoy the freedom of the fenced area.

The two dogs are confined in a very small fenced pen with an igloo dog house. These dogs are for breeding, not for companionship. This is dog breeding for profit. The dog pen is, of course, at the far end of the yard away from the house. I'm sure the owner does not want to be bothered with the aroma of piles of feces. Oh, but he can hardly wait for payday when the dog reproduces. The dog is basically a money making machine...there is no time for love and affection and I can only hope that if the dog is ever let out, it will chew off the man's foot to return the favor.

And why does he breed his dog for money...because he can...because he can keep making money and pay no taxes on it...because our society does not license or regulate this activity.

Close-up of very sad, haggard stray dog

And please understand that I am not against all dog breeding for profit, although if not one more dog had a litter, there are plenty in the shelters and on the street that would love a warm, dry place to lie their head.

People that truly care for dogs can responsibly breed them. These people not only take care of and nurture their dogs, but they also know the limitations of their dogs. There is a right way and a wrong way to do just about everything.

Where have our morals gone when we abuse our best friend?

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated" ~Gandhi~