Dog Lovers Dating Site Offers People a Truly Unique Opportunity to Experience True Love

Whereas niche dating sites such as those for dog lovers, bikers and vegetarians are experiencing strong growth the large mainstream dating sites growth has leveled off. Why? Well one theory is that some people would rather mingle with others who have a similar interest or passion than those whose personality compliments theirs.

And for one group of people - dog lovers, dating someone who doesn’t share their love of dogs is an absolute no no. For them trying to find fellow dog lovers on the large mainstream dating sites is a daunting task. Sure they can find people who list dogs as an interest but having an interest and having an all consuming passion for dogs is a different kettle of fish!

So trying to find people who share their passion for dogs on these dating sites can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack - especially since the "haystack" has millions of members! That’s why (the world’s first dog lovers dating site) offers dog lovers a much more effective way of finding people they are compatible with because all its members are true dog lovers. And in addition to all its members sharing a love of dogs Derek believes they share the characteristics of most dogs - a zest for life, a good sense of humor and are spontaneous, tactile, loyal, kind, sensitive and perhaps most importantly they are open hearted.

Derek adds" Look, if you are going to meet and fall in love with someone you have just got to be open or open hearted to that possibility as distinct from being cynical!" I have read hundreds of profiles on the big mainstream sites and what is clear is that many of those people will never fall in love because instead of being open hearted or open to the possibility of finding love more than anything what they convey in their profiles with comments such as "Don’t bother contacting me if all you want is a quick fling" is pessimism, cynicism, suspicion, fear and even aggression.

Couple sitting with a big black newfoundland in between them

By way of contrast I have never seen one profile on with comments like that because our members are (like the dogs they love so much) warm and open hearted. To prove his point Derek is currently offering a free 7 day trial to all those dog lovers who have tried the big mainstream sites without success. This gives dog lovers an opportunity to take a look around and then when they find someone they like, send them a flirt or email. And unlike the large mainstream sites they won’t be distracted by adverts since doesn’t have any!

P.S. Derek can personally testify to the effectiveness of because recently he himself fell in love with one of its members.